It worries and scares me that people have so little tolerance these days.  Their immediate reaction is to lash out if they don’t agree with something, rather than having an adult conversation.

There was a fracas this afternoon in the communal garden area of my block of flats.  It was between the women who live in the two ground floor flats.  It’s been brewing for a while and has already resulted in fists being thrown and doors kicked a few weeks ago (it was a row over music apparently being too loud). I have no idea what it was over this time, but I imagine it was to do with the daughter of one of them bullying the nieces of the other one. From what I heard, one of them threw shoes and pulled hair. The victim probably has grounds for getting the other charged with assault.  Suffice to say, I turned my music up a notch, moved my laptop to a room on the other side of the flat and went about my business.  I don’t want to get involved as I live alone and have no backup. 

The flats we live in were built in the 1930s. There is absolutely no sound break between the floors. I hear everything that goes on below me, plus pretty much all of what goes on in the bathrooms of the other two flats because the bathrooms are all in the centre.  I don’t think the people below me have caught onto this fact since they moved in last July because I’m generally a quiet person, so the most they will hear from me is my TV and the washing machine when it’s spinning.

I have just about had enough of the voice of the woman who lives below me. She can’t seem to say anything quietly, and she’s been ranting all afternoon since the fracas. I just wonder how long it will go on for because I could be in for a difficult time tonight if she’s still ranting while I’m trying to get to sleep.  And yes, my bedroom is immediately above theirs. 🙁