Out of the blue on Thursday, one of my choir pals asked me if I’d like to join her at the cinema on Friday evening.  I readily accepted the invitation and we set about deciding which film to see.  I am really out of touch with what’s on at the moment but I did know that something containing violence didn’t appeal.  My friend suggested ‘Their Finest’ and sent me a link to the trailer.  It looked good – and I always enjoy seeing if Bill Nighy can come up with any variations on his usual character theme!

It was a lovely film and we both enjoyed it.  The characters are believable.  The horror of the bombing of London was senstively done and not over the top (but that’s maybe because it has a 12A certificate).  I loved hearing all of the old jargon from the days of celluloid, such as the cameraman shouting ‘speed’ when the camera was up to speed –  until that point you can’t shoot anything.

The main story was about the role of women during the war and the outright sexism they had to endure.  I won’t say any more because that’s the thrust of the story and to say any more would spoil the film.

Afterwards, we headed to a local eaterie for some more chatting and food and then went our separate ways.