1840? – Born in Portsea(?), Hampshire.  Daughter of Robert Lane and ?.

1860 – First daughter, Amy, born in Landport, Hampshire.  Seeing as Amy was born before her marriage to John Madagascar Quinn, she must be an illegitimate daughter, possibly with a father other than John Madagascar Quinn.

1861 Census – Age 26.  Recorded as living as a Lodger at Moore’s Square (No. of Schedule – 153.54?), Portsea, Hampshire with daughter Amy (age 2).  Occupation is given as ‘Laundry’.

23rd June 1862 – Marriage to John Madagascar Quinn at the Parish Church, Portsea, Hampshire.  Marriage witnessed by David Quinn and Harriet Elizabeth Mogg.  Was resident at 18 Broad Street at the time of her marriage.  Father, Robert’s, occupation given as ‘Brewer’.

5th April 1863 – First son, John William, born.  Was living 2 Moore’s Square, Portsea, Hampshire.

22nd February 1867 – Second son, Thomas, born.  Was living 11 Henry Street, Stoke[?] Road, near Gosport, Hampshire.

25th January 1868 – Second daughter, Mary Ann, born at 18 Chapel Row, Gosport, Hampshire.

21st June 1870 – Third daughter, Lucy, born. Was living in Hobbs Yard, Gosport, Hampshire.

1871 Census – Age 35.  Recorded as living as ‘Head’ at 12 Taylors Court in Portsea with Thomas Quinn (Lodger – age 28 – occupation ‘Caulker’), Amy (age 12), John (age 8), Thomas (age 4), Mary Ann (age 3) and Lucy (age 9 months).  Occupation is given as ‘Seaman’s wife’.

26th March 1873 – Fourth daughter, Hannah Sarah, born in Freeport, Barna, County Galway, Ireland.

25th June 1875 – Fifth daughter, Ada, born. Was living at 13 Broad Street, Southampton, Hampshire.

4th January 1879 – Sixth daughter, Lydia, born.  Was living at 52 Northam Street, Southampton, Hampshire. Lydia was actually her grand-daughter, being the first child of her daughter, Amy.

1881 Census – Age 42.  Was living at 7 Albert Road, St Mary Extra, Southampton, Hampshire with John M Quinn (age 45 – occupation ‘Fireman Steam Ship’), Amy (age 21 – occupation ‘Tailoress’), John (age 18 – occupation ‘Fetlar [word obliterated]’), Thomas (age 14 – occupation ‘Baker’s Assistant’), Mary Ann (age 13 – occupation ‘General servant dom’), Lucy (age 11 – scholar), Hannah (age 8 – scholar), Ada (age 5 – scholar), Lydia (age 2) and Mella(?) Haysom (granddaughter – age 5 months).

30th December 1890 – It was reported in the Evening News, Portsmouth that Sarah had tried to help a lady who was struggling to keep her children while her husband was away at sea.  It is a very sad case with a baby dying.  The lady was obviously suffering from post-natal depression.  Sarah was living at 25 Upper Church Path.

1891 Census – Age 52.  Was living at 25 Up Church Path, Portsea, Hampshire with John Quinn (age 54 – occupation ‘Fireman (Seas) (Joint Railway Packet Coy)’, Ada (age 16 – no occupation given) and Lydia (age 11 – scholar).  No occupation given.

1901 Census – Age 62.  Was living at 34 Bradford Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire with John Madagascar Quinn (age 65 – occupation ‘Night Porter’).  No occupation given.

1911 Census – Age 72. Was living at 100 Derby Road, Southampton with John M Quinn (age 74 – occupation given as ‘Seaman (Naval Pensioner (Retired))’.  Married for 50 years with 8 children born to the marriage and 7 still alive.  No occupation given.

14th December 1912 – Died age 72 in The Workhouse.  Cause of death was Cerebral softening.  Residence given as 100 Derby Road (wife of John Madagascar Quinn, a Naval pensioner).  Informant: L Warren (daughter, 14 Oxford Street, Southampton).