1835? – Born in Ireland. Daughter of Michael Dolan and ?.

12th June 1855 – Married Francis McIntyre (surname spelled Mackintire) in St. Cuthbert’s Chapel, Durham, County Durham. Both were residing in Brancepeth (no other details given on the certificate). Francis’ occupation is given as ‘Labourer at Cinder Ovens’ and Bridget’s is ‘House Maid (Domestic Servant)’. The marriage was witnessed by John Riordan and Bridget Henry. Bridget’s surname is noted as Solan on the certificate. Her father Michael’s occupation is given as ‘Agricultural Labourer’.

19th February 1858 – First son, John, born at 60 New Row, Willington, County Durham.

10th June 1859 – First daughter, Mary Ann, born in Brancepeth, County Durham.

1861 Census – Age 25. Was living at New Row (No. on schedule: 101), Willington, County Durham with Francis (age 27 – occupation given as ‘Labourer’) and Mary Ann (age 1). Surname spelled ‘McEntire’.

24th November 1861 – Second daughter, Bridget, born at 101 New Road, Willington, County Durham. Occupation given as ‘Labourer at a Colliery’.

21st July 1864 – Third daughter, Elizabeth, born at 69 Close Row, Willington, County Durham.

19th January 1867 – Second son, James, born in Willington, County Durham. Occupation given as ‘Labourer at Brick Works’.

23rd July 1869 – Third son, John Francis, born in Willington, County Durham. Occupation given as ‘Labourer at Coke Ovens’.

1st February 1870 – Whilst living at Mill Street, Willington, County Durham, Bridget caused the death of Mr George Vasey, an auctioneer and appraiser, while he was taking goods to the value of the rent which was owed. Bridget hit him twice with a rolling pin and threw a jug at him. Mr Vasey died a few days later. Bridget was taken into custody pending her appearance in front of the Magistrates.*

9th February 1870 – Bridget appeared in front of the Magistrates on a charge of murder. Taking into account that she was only protecting her child (who was in the cradle which Mr Vasey was trying to take), and the fact that she had not intended to cause any harm, the Magistrates reduced the charge to manslaughter and committed her to Durham Assizes for trial by jury.

25th February 1870 – McINTYRE Bridget, 31, married, N, committed by J. Fawcett Esq. Manslaughter of George Vasey at Willington 01/02/1870. Guilty of Manslaughter. Discharged on recognizances. Tried Assizes 25/02/1870. Abbreviation N after name and age = Can neither read or write. Source: Durham Records Office 1861-1871 CCP 9/2-11 indexed in volume I 10 (on Search Room shelves)

1871 Census – Age 31. Was living at 5 Mill Street, Willington, County Durham with Francis (age 38 – occupation given as ‘Coke Labourer’), Mary Ann (age 11 – scholar), Bridget (age 9 – scholar), James (age 4) and John Francis (age 1½).

1872 – Fourth daughter, Margaret, born in Jarrow, County Durham.

14th July 1874 – Fifth daughter, Catherine, born at Moat Sides Lane, St Nicholas, County Durham. Occupation given as ‘Labourer’.

1877 – Sixth daughter, Isabella, born in Jarrow, County Durham.

1881 Census – Age 44. Was living at 19 Albion Street, Jarrow, County Durham with Francis (age 48 – occupation given as ‘General Labourer’), James (age 15 – occupation ‘Shop Boy’), John (age 12 – scholar), Margaret (age 9 – scholar), Catherine (age 7 – scholar) and Isabella (age 4 – scholar).

* This story was brought to my attention by Steve Longhorn. He was writing a history of Willington, County Durham, and had come across this incident whilst looking through local newspapers of the time. Steve had found my messages about this family on various message boards and wrote to me. More work is being undertaken to find out more about the Durham Assizes trial (the records are with The National Archives).