Well, that’s 2016 done and dusted. It was an OK year – nothing horrible happened, for which I’m extremely grateful.  

We’re still trying to get used to my Dad not being with us, but I’m quite prepared for that to take time.

Work’s been fine. I’m hoping that the last office move in November was just that – the last for a long time! We had packing down to an art after 4 moves in 2 years!

The choir is going from strength to strength. Our big concert was amazing and we’re planning to do it all again in Novmeber 2018. This year we’re back to all of the choirs doing their own individual shows. Work on ours starts on 9th January. 

I managed to see my favourite Scottish band, Runrig, twice in 2016 (way below my usual number but they haven’t toured in Scotland recently). My favourite Irish band, The Script, are still working on an album so all of the fans are awaiting its release with impatience. I’ll get to as many of their gigs as I can. 

Mum wants to go to Waterford in May but doesn’t want to go alone, which means I’ll have to go with her. We’re going to look for a hotel later today. 

I’d like to wish anyone reading this blog a happy, healthy and love-filled 2017.