Call me a killjoy, but putting my face ‘out there’ isn’t something I relish (unlike some!!).  I’ve experimented with the Bitmoji app, but that’s about as far as it will go.

I tried Vine when it first hit the scene. I didn’t make any videos – I just followed a few celebrities to see what they were doing.  Their accounts became inactive fairly quickly!  A 6 second-long video really isn’t worth watching.  I’m not surprised to learn that Twitter is going to let it disappear quietly into the ether.

Dubsmash doesn’t appeal to me at all.  Again, it’s to do with my dislike of being seen on the net.  It looks like fun but I won’t be trying it out.

Snapchat is something I downloaded when my favourite band started to use it.  They soon got fed up with it and moved to Meerkat (which was very unstable) and then Periscope (where they’ve stayed!).  I have the app on my phone but I rarely look at it and it might eventually be deleted.  None of my friends use it.  We’re all the same – none of us want to be seen so we stick to Messenger and Whatsapp to communicate.