I had a go at keeping a digital creature (called GEN) alive on the NMS website http://www.nms.ac.uk/explore/?type=13119.  It’s not easy!  I’ve never been very good at these things.  To be honest, I have a short attention span and, if they aren’t immediately easy to play, I get bored and move on quickly.  This game, on the face of it, should be easy, but I had trouble working out what to do.  In spite of my inability, I played 2 rounds and managed to get my GEN to 7 years of age.

I also had a go at the Crystallite game on the Nobel Prize web site http://www.nobelprize.org/educational/physics/liquid_crystals/.  This is a bit like Tetris, so a bit more my thing.  I played a couple of levels and enjoyed it.

I am currently trying to learn another language and make use of two Duolingo tools (the main language one and a newer flash cards one) on both a desktop and tablet.  It’s a really good way to reinforce learning.  It’s not a perfect platform and it’s possible to find errors, and some of the words or phrases are repeated too many times when it would be beneficial to include others.  The main tool encourages the learner to achieve a number of learning experience (XP) points each day.  Each time you reach a goal you earn Lingots and can use them to buy clothing for the owl that accompanies you on your learning path.  It’s quite cute!