Amazingly, for a PA, I have an account on all 3 of these platforms.

LinkedIn turned out to be a ‘must’ when I was job hunting about 4 years ago. I don’t have a lot to do with it, apart from updating my skills section every now and then, and accepting connection requests from people I know, either through work or social activities.

I forgot I had an account on until a notification arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago.  I seem to remember signing up a while back when someone on a Facebook group posted a link to an interesting article about the U5 haplogroup (it’s a genealogy thing!).  I had to join in order to be able to read it.  I must have decided to follow the person whose article it was because I only seem to get notifications when they post something, which doesn’t appear to be very often.

Research Gate is another one which is a bit weird for me to be on.  For some reason I had to set up an account – can’t remember why – but it might have been because the manager I working for at the time was on it and wanted me to update his items.  It’s all very hazy now.