I spent a very pleasant few hours with my friend, Anne.  We met for a hot chocolate and a natter and then headed to the local cinema to see ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’.  Besides us, there were 4 other people in the cinema. It came out a while ago, so maybe everyone who wanted to see it did when it was first out. However, I’m not complaining as there was a distinct lack of sweet wrapper rustling, brightly lit mobile phone screens being waved about and talking.

What a fantastic film.  Heart-warming, uplifting and full of the cute and furries (apart from the methadone withdrawal sequence).  What more could you need in a film?  It was also rated 12A, which meant there was nothing in it to offend the senses.

Bob played himself (mostly – apparently he had stand-ins!), but I reckon he should be up for an Animal Oscar.

I know the film features drug addiction and homelessness, but the fact of the matter is that this is how some people live, whether by circumstance, chance or choice.  James was lucky that he had so many people rooting for him – and then he met Bob.

The rest of the day was spent doing housework and watching TV.  I know I complain about the former, but I am very grateful that I have a roof over my head and enough money in the bank to buy the food I need and to pay the bills.