It was Armistice Day and a busy day to end a busy week.  We’re still not yet at the point of packing crates for the office move in 2 weeks’ time and I find this frustrating.  I just want it to happen now as the anticipation is killing me.

The day started off with having to print off more maps for a colleague’s trip to Paris next week.  I then had some other travel to book.  I book a lot of travel so it’s just as well that it’s a part of my job that I enjoy.  The ‘show and tell’ with the travel agent was well under way by the time I got there.  I missed the talks but was in time to get my name on the list for the prize draw.  I was only able to chat to a few of the suppliers before the prize draw took place.  Lo and behold, my name came out of the hat – I won an afternoon tea for 2 at the Waldorf Astoria.  To say I was chuffed is an understatement!  I joked in the office when I got back that it would be a good idea to get a lottery ticket for the Euromillions lottery draw later that night.

From this meeting I headed for lunch with a friend.  We hadn’t seen each other for a while and she had lots of news for me about her family and their exploits.  The hour went quickly and I then headed to a meeting which I was attending in my role as secretary.  It was an itneresting meeting and was finished by 4.00pm.  I headed back to the office to drop the laptop and do some last minute things before heading home at 5,00pm.

After getting my weekly shop and getting home, the first thing I did was by a ticket for the Euromillions draw.  I ended up winning £2.90!!

Another win was saving over £400 on my buildings and contents insurance by switching to another company.


Image: from by Corina Ardeleanu.