The one thing I’m going to miss when my part of the organisation moves to a new location in a few weeks’ time is the goodies that are handed out by advertisers at the top of Waverley Steps on Princes Street.  Over the years I’ve received free drinks, magazines, samples of all sorts, a Letts’ diary (which was very nice and suited my needs perfectly for a year) and, most recently, a Google Cardboard viewer.

It took me a while to work out how to unravel the various tabs and Velcro bits and to stick them back together but the penny eventually dropped and I managed to set it up.  The instruction to scan the QR code and then download the sample app was simple enough to follow.  It took a few minutes to work out what I should be doing with the app but I enjoyed the experience of using it.  Everyone in the office had a shot.  I think we all agreed that the experience was ‘trippy’, especially when you’re flying with the birds over the sea!

I’ve downloaded some other apps that are free and haven’t been over-enamoured with them, but you get what you pay for (or don’t pay for, in my case) so I shouldn’t really complain.  I can see the trigger action on the viewer being the first thing to fail as it is a bit flimsy.  The question then is will I replace it with something more substantial or just not bother playing with VR anymore?

My one and only brush with augmented reality to date has been playing Pokémon Go.  Enough said, really.


Image: from by Samuel Zeller