This turned out to be a busy day.  I spent a few hours in the morning taking minutes at a meeting.  It was an interesting meeting, being the first one of many on an interesting project.

The afternoon was spent getting my boss’s travel documents ready, and then finding out that one of the events at a conference is unconfirmed – on one hand the organisers have declined her application, but she’s got an e-mail stating that she has been given a place.  That’s something I’ll need to tackle on Monday.

Given that our office move is only a few short weeks away, I spent a bit of time sorting out some applications that had come in for some items of stationery I had advertised on our internal recycling system.  That means there’s less for me to pack!

I managed to get away from the office just before 5.00pm and went to join some former colleagues for something to eat and a natter.  I used to work in the same office as two of them and the other was (and still is) in computing support.  We’ve managed to keep in touch, which is really nice.  For a while one of them was working in Fife but she’s now back in Edinburgh and is in the building opposite where I’ll be working.  I can see lots of lunchtime chats on the horizon!

I had to leave my friends to get a bus out to Blackford Hill where I was meeting a group from various of the Sing in the City choirs for a trip to the Royal Observatory.  I’ve lived in the city for more than 20 years and have never managed to get there!  Fortunately for us the rain stopped and the sky cleared enough for us to be able to see some stars.  It’s a very short tour of about an hour, but it is very interesting, and has quite possibly rekindled my interest in meteorites and impact craters.  Hmmm….



Image:  Widmanstätten pattern in an iron meteorite  by Greyloch