May 1983 started with more language and secretarial exams.  I have noted that I passed most of them, which must have been a relief at the time.

Apparently 19th May marked the 32nd consecutive day of rain. I have no idea why I noted this!
My Dad used to work for a printing firm and the only perk was that he could get magazines really cheap. As I was studying French, one of them I asked for was Paris Match. It was good to have the opportunity to read French in a context that wasn’t a textbook.  I felt I was learning more of the colloquial language than I could from my usual books.  

One particular advert stood out in an edition of the magazine. It was for the English Lake District, an area I knew well as we had holidayed there many times.  A few pages later there was an advert for the Scottish Highlands. Lo and behold – both adverts had used the same picture! 

At this time one of the biggest shows on TV was ‘That’s Life’ and this is the sort of thing they liked – ridiculous things that people spotted. I wrote, sending both adverts.  A few days later I received a telemessage (remember, the internet wasn’t around then) telling me that a photographer would come to take some pictures of me the following Saturday. The photographer duly turned up and spent about 90 minutes taking photos of me in various places around the house and garden. 

So the whole family settled down in front of the TV on the night the show was broadcast (I think it was a Sunday), fully expecting to see me and my story. Nothing, nada, rien, zip, zilch. We watched for a few weeks after this too just in case it made an appearance, but I guess my little story had been overtaken by other bigger stories. That’s life!

I’ve noted that I had a few interviews in June, but nothing came of them.

The last few exams happened in June too. They were the larger, more important parts of the Certificate for Secretarial Linguists and the level 3 RSA exams (typing and audio).