Yes, I know I’ve skipped Thing 9, but I’ll cover that later in the week when the Google and Collaborate hangouts have taken place.

I decided against setting myself up as an editor of Wikipedia. I’m probably not knowledgeable enough about anything to be confident in making changes to an existing page. The alternative task looked interesting, so I had a nose at the open projects. The one that piqued my interest was Wiktionary.

My knowledge of French has declined over the years due to lack of use and my ability with Spanish has only ever been basic, so I didn’t bother looking at these languages. Seeing as I’m currently struggling to learn Irish, what better place to start!

From a selection of words that were listed, a few had interesting pages:

‘Ruibh’ (prepositional pronoun meaning ‘with you’ in the plural sense) – this appears in the Irish index but the definition that appears when you click on it is only for Scottish Gaelic. As far as I’ve been taught, the prepositional pronoun in Irish for ‘with you’ is ‘libh’.

‘Lá’ (meaning ‘day’ in Irish) – this word appears in many languages and none have the same meaning.

I looked for ‘Mean Fómhair’ (meaning ‘September) but the closest I got was ‘fómhar’ (meaning ‘harvest’). ‘Mean Fómhair’ is apparently a derived term and appears towards the bottom of the page.

The whole thing seems to be a bit muddled in my opinion. I didn’t expect to see the definition of the same word in multiple languages on the same page. I think I’ll be sticking with as my online Irish-English dictionary.


Image: taken by me of one of the exhibits in the Guinness Storehouse attraction in Dublin.