My life at this time was a constant round of mock exams, actual exams and work.  I didn’t seem to be doing much else!

I worked several extra shifts in the local newsagency where I’d been working at weekends since 1980.  We used to get extra shifts when the ladies who worked full-time went on holiday.  It was an easy way to earn extra cash and was only 100 yards from home, so I didn’t have to pay out for fares. I used to like working on bank holidays too because we were only open till 1.00pm and we were paid double time.  We used to get a 20% discount on all goods apart from cigarettes.  This used to be used heavily around Christmas time, especially when all of the neighbours put in their orders for the tins of Quality Street or Roses!

I did note that I had an interview for a job with a solicitors’ practice.  I didn’t get the job.

I had forgotten that I was still a member of the local cine society at this time.  Film-making and cinema were a real interest at the time and this was the closest I could get to it.  Most of the members were using Super 8mm film and we’d occasionally have other clubs come along and show their films.  Another older format around at the time was 9.5mm film, which needed different projectors and seemed to be a whole load more temperamental.  I didn’t actually have my own camera because I couldn’t afford one.

Once chap who came along and joined the society a little while after me was named Jay Jay (it was a nickname). We were about the same age (and had the same birthday!), and probably the youngest members! He was passionate about film-making, more so than me, and wanted to be a professional cameraman.  I lost track of him after I stopped going to the society, but I did see his proper name in the credits many years later on Michael Palin’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ programme.  I guess he realised his dream.

Image: from Unsplash via the Over IOS app.