I found my old diaries today while I was clearing out a box.  My life back then was filled with secretarial college, paying my exam entry fees and getting ready for mock exams.  I apparently went with some friends from college to see the films ‘Airplane 2’ and ‘Monsignor’. The former would have been funny and I have no idea what the latter was about. I’ll have to look it up on IMDB.

The college must have been preparing us for life after study because I’ve noted that we had a talk about secretaries in the diplomatic service and a visit to a local branch of the Midland Bank.  There’s also an appointment with a Mr Grizedale at an address on Station Road.  Seeing as that’s where most of the solicitors are based, I’m guessing it must have been an interview of some sort.

Several friends’ birthdays have cropped up in these first 2 months of 1983.  I have no idea who Anne is (no second name recorded) but I remember Helen (we were at secondary school and college together).  Another birthday belonged to Sharon.  Sharon became a pen friend after we met at a mutual friend’s house some time in the mid-1970s. We’re still in touch, but these days it’s just via birthday and Christmas cards.  We did exchange e-mail addresses a few years ago but contact this way is very sporadic.

Life was so much simpler back then.