Ha!  This one is easy!  I’ve been on Twitter since February 2009 so I’m an old hand. I’ve got one account that I use to swap information with one set of friends, and another account which is related to a band I follow.  I didn’t want to annoy my friends with pictures and news about the band so I opted for a second account.

I use two apps on my phone and tablet – Echofon and Twitter.  They both have advantages and disadvantages.  The list function on Echofon is more easily accessible than on the Twitter app, but the notifications are more accessible on Twitter than on Echofon.  The conversations are easier to follow on Echofon too. I find using both works really well for me.  The disadvantage with Echofon is that it is sometimes a little bit behind the Twitter app.

Sadly Echofon no longer supports its browser extension so I usually just log in via the browser when I’m using a PC. I know I’m not the only person who misses the little pop-up that used to let me know that new tweets had arrived.  I’ve tried some others but they all seem to want to be visible in a side bar.  I’d be happy to get recommendations for something that works along the line of Echofon if anyone out there knows of anything.

I don’t tweet on behalf of a work account so there’s no need for me to use a management system.  Analytics bore me, so that’s something I won’t be bothering to look at.  People either read my tweets or they don’t!

Twitter is still my favourite of all the social media platforms.  I love having to think in short sentences. I once described Twitter to a friend as ‘pithy’ and they thought it described Twitter perfectly.




Description: European Robin  (Erithacus rubecula, cat.) – English: A European Robin in Norway.

Source: originally posted to Flickr as Singing for spring – Version 2

Author: Ernst Vikne