I have to confess that I didn’t see a downside to the new shades of emoji that were released by Apple. However, having read Paige Tutt’s article How Apple’s new multicultural emojis are more racist than before, I can see that the emojis could cause problems.  You have to feel sorry for companies like Apple: they always seem to end up offending someone even though they’re trying to do the ‘right thing’.  Damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.  Maybe the answer is to remove all of the people-related emojis and just stick with the nature, animals and objects ones.

Diversity is a good thing but, to be honest, I get bamboozled by the sheer number of emojis on offer. I tend to stick with the standard smiley, unhappy or crying faces, the bunch of flowers, glass of wine or beer and cake and the occasional weather-related one.  They pretty much convey any emotions I need to add to messages and mean I can avoid offending anyone whom I know only by their Twitter handle, for example.

I’m going to skip the Bitmoji exercise because I don’t want to download yet another app for my phone and create another online account that I’ll never use again (WeeMee for example, where you can design an avatar). My phone’s already groaning under the combined weight of apps and I’ve only had the phone for a week! I’ve also forgotten the e-mail address I used to set up the WeeMee account. It’s so long since I logged in that I have a feeling the address I used has been canned by the company whose service I was using at the time.