They are a real pain when it comes to family history research!

I’ve been working on my family history for about 15 years now and recently made contact, via Facebook, with one of my Mum’s cousins who lives in Chicago.  This cousin grew up in the west of Ireland and knows a lot about the family there.  My Mum grew up in the south of Ireland and then the south-east of England and knows almost nothing about the family in the west of Ireland, except from a few names and places.

I can remember a lady visiting my Grandma many years ago and being introduced to her as ‘Grandma’s cousin’.  My Mum recently found this lady’s address in an old address book, so I started investigating.  I drew a blank through not knowing her maiden name.  I asked the cousin in Chicago if she knew anything.  She replied at 10.45pm last night with a whole load of information.  Well, I couldn’t not do anything so I fired up Ancestry and the Irish civil records.  Within 30 minutes I had found the birth, her mother’s birth and her parents’ marriage details.  I wanted to learn more and research more, but by then it was 11.15pm.  I knew that if I had carried on, I’d have been there till the wee small hours!  Had it not been a ‘school night’ I probably would’ve stayed up.

Of course, by morning, it was still night time in Chicago, so I’ll have to wait till later today before I can correspond with my distant cousin in Chicago again.  It’s so frustrating!!