The 23Things Thing was to do with the security settings on smartphones.  I think I’m probably OK on that front as I keep most things locked down.  Call me paranoid, but I don’t generally advertise my whereabouts.  If an app doesn’t need access to photos/mic/camera/location, why would I let it have access?  More to the point, if it doesn’t need such access to do its work, why request access in the first place?!

I can’t help but wonder why a bus tracking app would need access to my contacts.  Hmmm.  That’s now been switched off.

Of course, my paranoia gets trumped by my need to wander the streets on the look-out for Pokemon or check-in on Facebook!!

Speaking of Facebook, for the bonus activity I’m going to attempt to link my work-related Facebook account to this blog.  Don’t get too excited though – there’s nothing about me on it! 🙂  You might even find this post appearing in your LinkedIn news feed as I linked my accounts yesterday.