I’ve just looked at Thing 3 which is focussing on a person’s digital footprint.

How many of us give any amount of thought to what we’re putting online for the world to see?  I have, like many others, got a few e-mail addresses, 2 Twitter accounts, 2 Facebook accounts, a LinkedIn account and a Pinterest account, and a few others that aren’t the usual social media type of thing.  All have different audiences and I interact differently with each one.  All of them are personal apart from one of the Facebook accounts which was set up when I was a school secretary and had to use it to advertise things that were going on within the school.  I’m not really sure how to classify the LinkedIn account – it’s personal but its also related to work (past and present).

My current role doesn’t really lend itself to Tweeting or the like on behalf of my employer – others who are more qualified do it instead.

I’ve always viewed writing things for the web or e-mail as being no different to writing a letter which would end up with my signature at the bottom of it.  I think it’s called ‘eProfessionalism’ these days!!  I don’t say anything in writing that I wouldn’t be prepared to say to someone if they were standing in front of me.  I’m always polite.  If I think someone’s made a complete hash of something I try to tell them in such a way that it won’t hurt their feelings. There’s absolutely no need for rudeness in any form.

A formal e-mail always starts with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘Dear name’ and ends with ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Yours faithfully’ (depending on how I started it).  Yes – I’m old school, and not ashamed of it!  Correspondence with colleagues is worded depending on how well I know them.  You can start with a formal tone if you don’t know someone very well and see how the correspondence develops.

I think guidelines are a good idea but a modicum of common sense also goes a long way to making sure that we don’t do or say something that might cause problems for our employer.

I Googled my name and came up with a few other people following various careers (actress, photographer, glass artist, etc.).  My first appearance is on page 8 of the search results with a link to an account that isn’t a social media one.  Interesting.

I’m not entirely certain that what I’ve written completes the Thing 3 task, but it’s all I’ve got time to do!